Monday, April 18, 2011

Angels of Redemption

After Sarah Bradley loses her family in a tragic car accident she finds it impossible to go on day after day. Her loneliness and grief quickly consumes her, until in a final act of desperation she decides to take her own life.

But what she finds in death is not what she expected. Instead of spending eternity with her family, she finds herself lost, somewhere between Heaven and Hell, with other souls just like her. Their only goal is to earn their way into the gates of Heaven, and ultimately to their lost loved ones.

There is a catch. In order to earn their way into Heaven they must return to earth and save souls that are in despair. But they aren’t the only ones with an interest in these lost and desperate people. Satan unleashes his own army of demons to inflict as much chaos and despair as possible within their power.

Sarah finds herself in a timeless battle between good and evil over the souls of mankind, and the Redeemers will do whatever it takes to defeat the minions of Hell. 

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