Saturday, June 11, 2011

All Gone Wrong....

It seems at times that all we have in this life...anything that we care about is hanging by a mere thread. Any slight breeze threatens to whisk away what is most precious to us. So we hang on to it with everything we have...hoping for just one more day. But at what cost?

Life is so brief and uncertain...we stumble around trying to make something of ourselves, clinging to the hope that we've made the right choices. Only to realize that we have absolutely no control over anything in this life. The illusion of control that we so desperately cling to only giving us the slightest comfort that anything we do matters.

So why do we put so much energy and care into the things we hold dear? Because our love...our faith...our hope is all we have to hang on to. It's what gives us purpose and the drive to keep going day after day. But what do we do when that hope is taken away? That is the question that drives us mad at times. And a question I have asked myself everyday for more days than I care to count.